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Very welcome!

Please call & we'll come!
Or text or mail us for an appointment!

Very Welcome!

Please observe!
Sometimes we are
visiting clients &
will open later, so
please call, text or mail us
in advance if You want to
come to the shop!


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OPEN Wed 13-18 and Sat 12-16
Open outside and inside the shop & please keep the distance!
Please ask me to put an object outside for viewing, You can also pay by swish or card outside the shop.
Possible to book a time outside the opening hours. You may also book an appointment on Your own during opening hours! Please contact us by mail or mobile phone to make an appointment. Or buy now with swish and pick up later at an appointed time!
The website is always open! We ship.


SUNDAY OPEN 12-15 or pickup time by appointment (PLEASE CALL CELL +707470040) - our new 150 sqm
quality fleamarket at Vivstavarvsvägen 149 Stureby (Enskede) at the BACKSIDE of the house!!! Situated in Stureby, Stockholm. Or pick up of bought objects & viewing of objects from the webpage or from instagram at our new showroom @kungsantikretrosouth
Very welcome!
For those who go by bus the busstop is "Tussmötevägen" (bus number 144), very near the showroom or subway to Stureby. There is no parking at the backside of the house, You have to park in the streets nearby, please.
Booking will be possible every day. Please mail or text us for booking!

New in: 
Semi pendant black, Fog & Morup Denmark, diameter 60 cm, Danish teak dining table with double extensions, 50-50's

Semi Fog & Morup svart stor pendel
Danish teak dining dable with extensions, 50's
Semi pendant Fog & Morup Denmark black, diameter 60 cm
Danish teak dining table with double extensions, 50's

FAIRS & MARKETS earlier years...
The Antique fair of Älvsjo, Stockholm: 2012 we participated in the stand of got2get. We would like to thank got2get for good cooperation!
2013 we want to thank 59vintagestore foor good collaboration at he Antique fair!
Kungsantik has participated in the Antique fair of Älvsjö from the Year of 2000 and 5-6 years forward. The shop in Kungsholmsgatan feels more and more central over the Years, close as it is to World Trade Center and Waterfront Building, which we concentrate on today. We have also participated in the Antiquefair of Helsingborg and the Antique market of Nora.

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Our art neighbours by the canal. We hope You stay and continue with Your exciting arrangements as long as we do!


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